Welcome to the official online store of the Swiss Contingent for the World Scout Jamboree 2019. We are pleased to have you here. In our shop, you find our official products. If you have questions, please refer to the frequent asked questions. We do wish you a good preparation time for the Jamboree 2019 and happy shopping!

When do I get my order?
The Swiss contingent only produces products that have been ordered by you. This helps us to avoid excesses and holds our costs low. Therefore, it can take several weeks / months until you get your order. We thank you for your patience!

Do I get my order before the jamboree?
Yes. If you order within the dates stated with each product, you will get your order before the jamboree. We kindly ask you for your patience, because we do have to produce your order first.

What happens with the profit?
We try to sell our products at a very reasonable price. If there should be any profits, these will directly and fully go to the Swiss contingent. If we do have spare money on the end, the participation fees will be reduced (pay back the same amount of money to every participant equally).

Do you deliver internationally?
No, we only deliver in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It is not possible to order our products from all over the world.

I am a participant with the Swiss contingent. Do I get those products as part of my participation fee?
All products  (without / not the red pocket knife!) are part or the official Swiss contingent package. If you are a member of our contingent, you get them as part of your participation fee. We wrote with each product how many you get. The contingent packages will be sent out in June or beginning of July 2019.

Why are there order deadlines for each product?
We do only produce what has been ordered by you. This is the reason why all products are only available until a specific date.

Why should I buy your products?
Because they are a must have and high quality, so the perfect souvenir or gift :). Furthermore, the official Swiss contingent products are very highly appreciated in the jamboree. Scouts from all over the world will like to swap them with you. This means that you exchange products - like a shirt for a shirt or a backpack for a backpack- with your new friends from all over the world.
You can find an example of badge swapping in the last world scout jamboree here.

What about sustainability?
All our textile products are produced with the highest standards of sustainability (please refer to our specific product descriptions). Furthermore, we do offer products of high quality Swiss brands (like Victorinox). And last but not least, we do only produce what you order. There will be no surplus production.

Which certifications do your products have?
Many products have different certifications. You can find them in the specific product descriptions. We are pleased, to give you an overview over the different ones:

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF):
Public Eye has classified FWF as the most credible organization for improving working conditions in the textile industry and is itself a stakeholder in FWF Switzerland. Here you can find more information. Our producer is the only promotional product manufacturer in Switzerland that is a member of FWF.

GOTS / Global Organic Textile Standard:
This standard identifies products made from organic cotton. It regulates the entire textile value chain from cultivation to the finished product. All processing stages are independently certified, including annual factory inspections.